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"Who Owns the Future?" and "Big Data" – review

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Jaron Lanier is a digital visionary with a difference. As the New Yorkeronce put it, he is a technology expert who dislikes what technology has become. He is a go-to person for those worried about the internet. His latest book, Who Owns the Future?, describes the assault on the middle classes by the Siren Servers. These are giant computer networks, devised by the smartest technical folk around, systems that gather data often without having to pay for it. Lanier has in his sights Facebook, Google and the other mega-tech firms (interest declared: I advise Google on free-expression issues).


The people who lose out are the creators. The author starts his list with the translation services: "with each so-called automatic translation, the humans who were the sources of the data are inched away from the world of compensation and employment". Much of the non-payment culture is voluntary, based in the ethos of the US west coast. "It is a commonplace in Silicon Valley for very young people with a startup in a garage to announce that their goal is to change human culture globally and profoundly, with a few years, and that they aren't ready yet to worry about money."


Znění celého článku ze kterého jsme pro Vás uveřejnili upoutávku je zde: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/mar/03/who-owns-future-jaron-lanier-review

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