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Saudi Arabia: preparations for regime change

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A sequence of important events that occurred in Saudi Arabia, simultaneously with the recent visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to that country, have roused close attention and numerous comments of analysts around the world. First of all, this is because the kingdom is one of the leading oil producers and exporters in the world. Moreover, not only is Saudi Arabia the leader of the so-called Sunni Arab bloc, but it also plays a major role throughout the Arab world. In addition, if we consider just these two roles, it is natural that any change in the leadership of this country would be cause for close attention of the world community.

The visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to Saudi Arabia, so widely touted in the West, has led to very disastrous results. Western, and especially American media, which greatly discussed this event on the eve of the visit, after the completion of the American president’s mission, is now keeping silent. The formal reports were so brief that they produced the impression that this was a visit to some third-rate country, rather than a visit to the current leader of the Arab world, which is being asked to play a decisive role in the global arena.


Znění celého článku ze kterého jsme pro Vás uveřejnili upoutávku je zde: http://journal-neo.org/2014/04/17/rus-saudovskaya-araviya-podgotovka-smeny-vlasti/

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