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Snowden Revelation Of “Solar-Virus” Armageddon Shocks World

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A grim Ministry of Health (MoH) report on information obtained from former CIA/NSA whistleblower, and “global hero to the masses,” Edward Snowden reveals the Obama regimes fears of a raging pandemic due to upcoming solar storms that, according to the Americans, “may very well alter life on this planet as we know it.” According to the MoH, one of the computer devices (USB flash drive) provided to Russian intelligence by Snowden contains over 20,000 pages of top-secret US Defense Department (DOD) documents related to that military institutions shocking 2004 report to then President George W. Bush that stated “climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters,” that “disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life,”and concluding that “Once again, warfare would define human life.”

Important to note about this information obtained from Snowden, this MoH report says, is that it follows a path similar to that of the 2004 Pentagon Report in that the world’s first notice of it came when it was leaked to Britain’s The Guardian Newspaper, and, like Snowden’s spying revelations to this same newspaper earlier this spring, the leakers appear to be “strongly associated” with the “President Carter-General Colin Powell Faction” currently waging a secret war against the Obama regime. 

Also important to note is that Glenn Greenwald, the US journalist based in Brazil, who published information about Snowden's leaked NSA files in The Guardian, testified yesterday to Brazilian lawmakers that he too was still in possession of these 20,000 top-secret documents, but was still in fear of releasing them knowing the Obama regimes“open kill order” on anyone making this dire information public.

As to the information being kept from the world’s public by the Obama regime, this MoH report continues, is that sometime this coming fall and/or winter, a massive reversal of our Sun’s magnetic field may not only “severely affect” our plants weather and disrupt radio transmissions, its ability to genetically mutate a number of deadly viruses is now occurring and with this coming “solar flip” will accelerate to “Armageddon-type proportions”.   

This MoH report further states that these DOD documents contain heretofore never released scientific documents related to the Hoyle–Wickramasinghe Model of Panspermia, which British scientists Sir Fred Hoyle and Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe revealed in 1990 were directly tied to solar activity (sunspots) to nearly every incidence of viral influenza epidemics and pandemics in human history

Of particular concern to DOD officials, this report says, Snowden’s leaked documents reveal are the Influenza A virus subtype H7N9 (Bird Flu) which Chinese scientists are now reporting is able to pass from human-to-human, and the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) virus which has killed millions of pigs in the United States this year and shows no sign of stopping.

The MoH further says in their report on Snowden’s leaked documents that they reveal the massive ammunition purchases being made by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS[1.5 billion rounds in 2012 and more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition over the next four or five years] are in direct response to Obama regime fears of “social anarchy” developing as tens-of-millions of Americans begin to die and their economy collapses in the face of what they warn could be the worst pandemic in human history.

Even more startling, MoH experts in this report say, is that the massive domestic spying operation currently being conducted by the Obama regime and revealed by Snowden, and in cooperation with all other Western nations, under the guise of “preventing terrorism” is, in fact, being coordinated by the US National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA-CSS) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in order to enable them to nearly immediately spot outbreaks, establish containment zones, and blacklist information from becoming public. [Note: The NSA-CSS is under the command of the DOD]

The most similar type example of what the NSA-CSS/CDC is attempting, this report says, can be found by viewing the Health Map which uses global internet data to document disease outbreaks.

However, this report says, what the NSA-CSS/CDC spying project is attempting to do is nothing short of putting a “surveillance blanket” over the entire American population that will continuously monitor these people (and those of other Western nations too) on a 24 hour basis.

Specifically to be tracked by NSA-CSS/CDC computer monitoring algorithms, this MoH report says Snowden’s documents reveal, are internet searches relating to all illnesses, medical/medicine purchases (both over the counter and prescription), phone and email communications relating to illness, all medical records including private doctor-patient communications, GPS tracking of people (by cell phone and onboard vehicle systems) leaving infected/blockaded areas, all US Postal mailings, and too many other surveillance measures to mention in just one article.

Interesting to note about the information contained in this MoH report, and as reported by the Infowars.Com News Service, is that the Obama regime has begun a disinformation counterattack against Snowden’s revelations by filling the internet with spurious stories claiming that he warned of a “solar flare killshot” set to wipe out hundreds of millions of people in September.

As this MoH report, however, reveals, the dangers to our world revealed by Snowden show the grave danger our world is truly in…but with so few even knowing the truth, and others avidly seeking to keep it from being known, the final outcome will, as always, be predictable….only those who prepare will survive. 

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