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The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons

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I'd like to summarize my own view -- which is provisional and ongoing -- of the reality of who Jesus was, taught and stood for. It may be the most important story of our times, but for different reasons than are commonly accepted. Some of what I list below is quite well-known, and some of it comes from my own personal research. This continues all the time.


There was certainly a historical Jesus.


He was both a [non-violent] revolutionary, rather like Gandhi, and an inspirational spiritual leader who really did have, or really was, something very special.


The parts of his story that later became enshrined in Salvationism (the best term for the metaphysics of the Roman Church) -- the virgin birth, the resurrection, some of the miracle stories, etc -- were all versions of then-current mythology that were woven into his story (which, before it was written by anyone, were recounted by word of mouth).


That celebrated and much promoted mythology is not the Jesus story at all, and is merely a distraction. It was the world's first major (and effective) disinfo campaign. (Remember: disinfo = part truth, part fiction).


None of that means that Jesus did not exist. It's just further confirmation of the distractions.


The stories of what he really was, taught, and stood for have all been expunged from history. Books -- some of them scholarly historical accounts (like the Gospel of Thomas, which meticulously lists his recorded words ) -- were really ordered to be banned and burned as heresy. Many books mentioned in earlier texts have not yet surfaced at all and we can only guess at their contents. We still wouldn't know about much of this at all if it hadn't been for the chance discovery of the Nag Hammadi scrolls in 1945.


The really important question here is WHY was all this erased from history? Why was Jesus such a threat that what he was REALLY trying to tell us has all but disappeared?

Here are my provocative (to some) suggestions as a series of answers to the last question:

The Essenes, with whom Jesus studied, knew all about the Book of Enoch, which was a centrally important reference document for them. It was widely known about and read at that time. This too had completely disappeared from history until it was rediscovered in Ethiopia in 1773 (and an original Aramaic version was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls more recently).


The Book of Enoch, a huge topic in itself, warns of the takeover of the planet by the Archons -- non-human, off-planet entities that crave power and control. It was the Archons, of course (then in human form, because they take over people in positions of power) who banned and burned all the books and identified Jesus and his teachings as a particular threat. In that sense, Jesus may have been the world's first major whistleblower, and paid the price for his stance.


Jay Weidner writes very clearly about this. See this important summary article (a Jeff Rense interview transcript).


Besides warning about the planetary takeover, Jesus specifically taught that we should not use violent means (or fight evil with evil), but insteadfortify ourselves inwardly. Reaching or attaining the all-powerful and important 'kingdom of heaven' was an inner goal, not an external one.


Hence all the Gnostic teachings (which were also at that time very old, and not something new at all). But the Gnostic teachings were also a major threat to those in power, and had to be eradicated. The reason was because these teachings supported individuals in becoming more powerful, sovereign and inviolate. Even now, we are fighting exactly the same battles.


Mary Magdalene ('Mariamne Mara' -- in Greek, 'Mary the Master') was Jesus' main supporter and advocate, and was also his wife. She was charged with the responsibility of making sure the real story was known.


Jesus survived the crucifixion, and he and Mary both fled to Egypt until 37 AD when Jesus later returned to Kashmir and Mary sailed to Narbonne with her child or children, where she was taken care of in a Jewish community based in Rennes-les-Bains (just a few miles from Rennes-le-Chateau, where in 1890 the local priest Bérenger Saunière discovered incontrovertible proof that (among much else) Jesus was still alive in 45 AD, and was paid a large sum by the Vatican to keep this information secret).


Mary lived in that community until something like 54-55 AD, but made a critically important error of judgment in trusting someone she should not have, was betrayed, and vitally important documents that she was safeguarding were stolen. This incident was one of several major turning points of history.


Mary was subsequently vilified, minimized and marginalized by the early Church, branded as a repentant prostitute rather than the teacher, leader, healer and chosen messenger that she was. This malicious lie was deliberately widespread.


Mary became much revered by women, and equally vilified by men, for the same reasons that many of the early texts were banned and burned, There was a struggle for women's equality and a recognition of the very important role of the female body that is still mirrored today, and Mary was the champion of that cause -- which Jesus recognized and fully understood. That was why Peter saw her as such a threat.


What happened to Jesus was the world's first major disinfo campaign, and what happened to Mary was the world's first major smear campaign.


The 'Second Coming' may refer to nothing more than the emergence, approximately 2000 years later, of the truth of what happened and what all this was really about. So now, we have:

-- the authority and agenda of the controlling Roman Church being seriously challenged at long last
-- the very detailed and extraordinary Gnostic Gospels unearthed at Nag Hammadi in 1945
-- the entire original Book of Enoch unearthed in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the same year
-- the exposé (through important books like Holy Blood, Holy Grail, The Jesus Papers, the works of Sir Laurence Gardner, and much else) of the reality of Jesus and Mary's surviving bloodline
-- David Icke, Jay Weidner and John Lash talking openly to millions about the reality of the takeover by the Archons
-- millions of people worldwide realizing, and acting on the fact, that true enlightenment and sovereign power lies within, independent of any external controlling agency.


It took a while, and much longer than planned, but we've managed to get to a place now which the real Jesus, and the real Mary, might both have approved of. They might both breathe an enormous shared sigh of relief that after 2000 years of real darkness there may be hope for the human race at last.


Summary: we're still in with a chance.

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