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What’s To Say On What’s Next Eve?

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What is there to say, other than that outward signals from the USA government seem to point in the direction of another, staged, “false flag attack.” And it will probably be spectacular, if the goal is to initiate a regional or global war, as it seems it is. I have written before about the warning that the shamanic plants in the Ecuadorean Amazon conveyed to me last year. They warned of a shadowy, violent, well connected international network or faction that desires to spark off “totalitarian nuclear warfare.” The groups and individuals involved were not specified to me in any appreciable degree of detail, but I surmise that the shadowy hands operate from the innermost, darkest precincts of the MATRIX of usual suspects: the FBI, NSA, CIA, DOD, DHS, MI-5 & MI-6, the Israeli Mossad and IDF, and so forth.


As conveyed to me, the plan consists of a series of projected attacks against about one dozen USA cities. The ones I remember being mentioned were: Chicago, San Diego, Albuquerque, Atlanta and Baltimore. There were several more that I have forgotten. The idea is to use atomic or nuclear devices of just a few kilotons, less than the size of the bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, but they will be enough to cause considerable damage and radioactive fall-out and sow tremendous panic amongst the populace. These initial attacks against USA cities will be used as the basis for unleashing a broader-based, all out nuclear retaliation against the enemy du jour, whomever that may be.


And the whole thing (if it happens) will all be based on lies, on fibs, on made up scenarios gestated and birthed in the sickest, most repugnant and sulfurous pits of red-white-and-blue Hell, shrouded in banners displaying the stars and stripes, the union jack and the star of david (yes, the use of lower case letters here is intentional).


The shamanic plants also warned me last year of a near future police state or dictatorship, along the lines of NAZI Germany or Soviet Russia — only worse. And shimmering overhead was an ethereal control grid, electronic, yes, but more than electronic, a control grid to control humanity body, mind and soul, in the physical dimension, and also in the astral dimension. A control grid to control physical behavior, and also thoughts, emotions and spiritual impulses. Total control of humanity in all its dimensions of life and being. That’s what we’re facing. It’s all being set in place now, or already is in place.


The world has been told for many years that the USA is at war against al-Qaeda and assorted other radical Islamic factions such as the Taliban, and yet recent headlines reveal that the USA is arming al-Qaeda and other, similar, radical Islamic groups in Syria, in a mercenary war against the regime of Syrian President al-Assad. Not only that, but it appears that the CIA has been running captured Libyan weapons out of Benghazi over to the radical Islamic mercenaries in Syria and that the lynching of the USA Ambassador to Libya last year in Benghazi was somehow connected to this murderous traffic in stolen Libyan weapons.


Against this backdrop, the USA government recently issued a fevered warning of impending attacks against USA embassies by al-Qaeda “terrorists” — and yes, that would be the same al-Qaeda that it is arming in Syria, and with which it cooperated in the invasion and overthrow of the government of Muammar Gaddafi, before summarily executing him, and recording his murder on video that was subsequently internationally broadcast.


Could the criminal insanity and lies of Barack Obama and the USA government possibly be any more evident? First they arm the very “terrorist” group that they warn the world about, and no sooner have they armed them, then they turn around and loudly warn the whole world that the “terrorists” that they have just armed, are planning a violent attack.


Heavens! The entire melodrama, which Obama himself has created, is beyond preposterous.


Meanwhile, the Israelis are persistently attacking Syrian targets with ordnance that informed observers deem to be low yield, tactical nukes. 


And on the home front, the police are kicking down peoples doors and/or invading their homes on false pretexts or no pretext at all. They do it, “just because they can.” It’s the same thing that the Gestapo and the KGB used to do. Smash down people’s doors to terrorize the populace. This is what armed agents of the state do in dictatorships. The USA is now a dictatorship. YouTube and similar sites are full of hundreds, maybe thousands of videos and stories about armed home invasions by the police, summary murder (execution) of individuals by police, people being tased to death, people being assaulted or raped by the police, having their property seized and stolen by (so-called) “law enforcement” agents, and more. There is no end to these stories, they just keep coming. Every day, every week, there are new outrages. It is the new “normal.” 


Of course, the Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA put it all into sharp perspective: an all-seeing, all-monitoring, all-controlling, all-surveilling police state has been clamped down. 


Nothing could be more obvious. Nothing could be clearer. So far, the American people are just taking it. They vote in the phony elections, they pay the taxes that are used to oppress them, by and large they don’t object to the unending foreign wars, they behave as if things are more or less normal. They scarcely whimper in protest. Have you ever seen anything more pathetic in your life? 


I say again that all of this information is perfectly consistent with what the shamanic plants specifically warned about: the imposition of a crushing dictatorship, and false flag attacks against American cities.


These are the warm up drills, the preparations, the practice runs: Columbus, Ohio; Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. It could not be more blatant and in your face.


Bad things don’t have to happen. They are not necessarily inevitable. However, if the American people just continue to sit there and take it, if they continue to watch this nightmare unfold in slow motion in front of their watching eyes and they do not collectively repudiate and refuse the hideous dictatorship and planned false flag attacks and planned, major war — well, you get what you pay for !!


And if you are sending in the (so-called) tax tribute to the IRS every April 15th, don’t pretend, certainly not to me, that these hellish events have nothing to do with you, that your hands and conscience are clean. Please don’t do that, because when the nuclear mushroom clouds billow up, they will be YOUR nuclear hell clouds, Your tax dollars will have paid for them. When the cops smash down your door or your neighbor’s door, please don’t pretend that you are not implicated. Your votes, your tax dollars, your silence, will have directly produced that result. It’s all related.


I have essentially voted with my feet. I cannot support that system. And so I have left. I have physically withdrawn my body and my support from it. I moved to a different continent.


Even when I still lived in the continental USA, and every time I nonviolently protested against nuclear weapons on nuclear missile silos — EVERY SINGLE TIME — I had people say to me, “You know, you shouldn’t do that alone, it’s dangerous, you should take someone else along with you.”


And EVERY time I would rejoin, “But I don’t know anyone who will. Will YOU come with me next time?”


And every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME, the answer was “no” — they were always too old, too ill, too scared, it was too dangerous, they could not go to jail, they could not jeopardize their job, or their house, or their family, or — hey, you fill in the blank.


That’s why we are in the fix we are in. Nobody can’t do nuttin’.


Can’t do a thing. 


A whole country full of American men just pissing their frilly little lace panties. Because of their health, their fear, their age, their wife, their kids, their job, their house, their career, their pension, their free dental, their curriculum vitae, their, their — their lack of manhood. That’s what it gets down to, doesn’t it? 


Men used to take courageous action to protect their women and their children.


Now they hide behind their women and their children as excuses to do NOTHING.


I have stopped trying to figure it out. I don’t feel anything in common with them anymore. So I have left. I have gone away and I intend to stay away.


Weirder and Weirder


I was doing a key word search, and I do a lot of them, on many different topics, as do the vast majority of my readers, I am sure.


Anyway, up popped another of these strange web pages that I suspect are created by espionage agencies for purposes unknown to me. Typically they are long lists of words and personal names and place names, mostly in English, but also in other languages, such as Spanish, German, Latin and French. They often include a fair amount of esoteric vocabulary.


The latest one I ran across includes 315,662 entries, and runs to 5,846 pages. Clearly not your average web page. Among the items are all of my names, as well as the places I have lived and gone to jail, some of which are very obscure and small towns. It also includes the names of several women whom I have loved or admired, or who have played a crucial role in my life, and though some of their names are not English, they are on this list. 


There are also myriad words that are extremely uncommon, or technical terms employed only by specific crafts, trades or scientific, academic, professional or technical disciplines.


There are many words and names from the ancient Middle East, South Asia and ancient Egypt.




As well as extraterrestrial and UFO themes.


Zeta Reticuli (separately)
Hoagland (yes!)

Montgolfier and Zanesville, where T. Townsend Brown did his antigravity and electrogravitic research.


And also:



Now the interesting thing is that long as this list is, it obviously does not include every place name in the world, it does not include every name, it does not include every word in English, or French, Spanish, German or Latin. It does not include every historical, political or mythological reference in the world. It cannot possibly. So it is a select list, some things are included, and others are not. The entries have been chosen for a reason.


What that reason may be eludes me. Is it a sort of radionic programming device or tool? Used to program reality? Or used for scrying certain aspects of the reality stream on this planet and elsewhere, since it clearly has an extraterrestrial and UFOlogical dimension. Or something else? Please enlighten me if you know the answer.


I have repeatedly run across lists like this, on obscure websites, typically by doing key word searches on topics of interest to me. And up they pop.


The Passing Of An Era


Live long enough and things change, a lot of things change. I am well into my second half century and the wonderful musical talents of my childhood and youth are now dying off, one by one. Gag Me GirlJust Burp Me Boy and Bouncy Girlare pale echos of what passed for talent a half century ago.


Exhibit A: 

The incomparable Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme

And I want to mention Andy Williams. 

The Shadow of Your Smile (Andy Williams)

A Summer Place (Andy Williams)

Somewhere My Love (Andy Williams)


I met him once, years ago, in 1976. Karen O. and I hitchhiked down to Barcelona from Montpellier, and caught the night train to Madrid. I had made the trip before and assured her that it was a cinch. We set out at dawn, and thumbed our way through Béziers and Narbonne, where the rides suddenly petered out. The afternoon was wearing on and I was beginning to worry, with visions of her father’s ire dancing in my head should I fail to deliver her safely to Madrid, when miraculously another ride picked us up and drove us right through Cerbère, and across the border to Portbou, and on to Figueres, Girona and Barcelona, where we took the overnight train to Madrid. As I recall we arrived in the station with slight minutes to spare. The Spanish trains in those days were slow, rattletrap affairs, that slowly clicked and clacked their way along, and spent long periods idling on side railings, waiting for higher priority freight trains to clear the line. 


Karen knew some other Americans in Madrid who told us about a guest appearance by Andy Williams the next day on Spanish National TV. The producers wanted some Americans to fill the audience, so we went by the studio and got seats right down front. Before he went on, Andy Williams came around to talk with us and was very engaging and friendly. He wanted to know where we were from and what we were doing in Europe. Then the lights came on, he performed and the show was soon over.


And now he’s dead.


Try To Remember (Andy Williams)


And one more from Tom Jones, who is still alive and singing, though for how much longer?

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