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Sun Portals confirmed by NASA – The Mayans already knew

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I think Nassim Haramein is on to something based on a clue that was left to us by the Mayan civilization. NASA just recently admitted to a magnetic portal called flux transfer event that is an actual portal to our sun. Its like a galactic magnetic super highway circuit that opens every 8 minuets but is invisible and difficult to track down however it has the ability to send matter through it directly to the sun allowing it travel massive distances through space. I was surprised myself at first but NASA made a video for it explaining their research: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaB4cSPWBN0


Physicist Nassim Haramein who has done remarkable research with the unified field theory, ended up with some Myan artifacts that have some amazing drawings on them clearly depicting space ships going into the sun along with a triangular shaped hole in the middle of the sun. His research has gained a lot of ground in the physics community. Here is a clip of one of his lectures and also a wonderful slide show of Myan artifacts depicting extra terrestrials using flying space craft technology. I recommend pausing on some of these and wonder yourself what these artifacts are suggesting.


Znění celého článku ze kterého jsme pro Vás uveřejnili upoutávku je zde: http://joshmeredith.me/wp/sun-portals-confirmed-by-nasa-mayans-already-knew/

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