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March and April 2014 were marked by many intuitives, astrologers and seers as being a really powerful energetic junction. And, personally speaking, I've felt it in my own life. I've been down with a massive headache since the equinox in March. When these things happen, I have a look at not only why they happen, but how they serve. How am I responding? Am I reacting? How is this debilitating condition serving me? Serving something, or someone, else? What came to mind, is that my personal work here has an expiration date. The request I received to go public was not permanent, it was until 2017. This is the main reason I accepted it. And therefore, the likelihood that A) I am being taken out or B) this is the end of the world as we know it, is highly remote, if not impossible.

This is what allows me to breathe easy when I receive YET ANOTHER doomsday email, article or prediction. The financial system was about to collapse any day now in 2010. Probably 2009 too. And huge earthquakes, solar flares and [add your global disaster here] was about to hit "next month" since 2008.


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