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Silent War with humanity

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They worship Lucifer and are determined to redefine reality and control the planet. Having inadequate part of the world's wealth, you share it with the ignorant masses? Would not preach that God is dead, and truth and justice purely subjective? Will not indicate that the person is essentially — nothing more than an animal intended to be domesticated or killed? Satanism has penetrated in Free Masonry and many other religions, institutions and groups. Satanists hold the levers of power secretly lending, media, education, government and the church. They show themselves true liberals, socialists, conservatives, Zionists, Nazis, Communists, etc. Many of them say that they — and Christians, with the aim to deceive us, carry out the service, which lead to the fatal end of Christianity.

This cult is intended to gradually expand people dehumanize and bring them to a state where they will state public policy called the New World Order (New World Order). They soothe and distract us while also reducing our freedom, preparing us to repression, fully using all known pretext of "terrorism."


Znění celého článku ze kterého jsme pro Vás uveřejnili upoutávku je zde: http://survincity.com/2012/12/silent-war-with-humanity/

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